In this super actionable video I’m going to lay out my entire SEO strategy for 2023 and I’m going to explain it step by step so you can copy it for massive traffic on Google these are the same tactics that my SEO portfolio company leadspring has used to generate these gigantic traffic boners before your eyes right now today I’m opening up our Playbook to share these strategies with you but before we get started there’s a Few things to know first everything you’re about to learn is current and up to date this video was shot in 2023 I didn’t just change the title of an old video second you will not be hearing the same generic unactionable SEO advice that you’re used to hearing write quality content in Google will reward you what are you even supposed to do with that everything I’m going to teach you is going to be actionable and clear so you can start today and lastly make Sure to stick around to the end the bonus tactic I’m going to share with you is already making waves but in my opinion it’s going to change SEO forever let’s get started the first pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to write perfectly optimized search engine friendly articles there’s a lot to unpack here so let me break this down the first thing you need to know is that Google has no idea what apple pie is huh no I mean it Google is a robot it’s code it’s never Made apple pie or eaten apple pie so if you write an apple pie recipe article how can you make Google understand that your article is the best while Google doesn’t know what apple pie is it does have a good reference of what makes a good apple pie article and it’s called page one of Google Google Compares your content with the existing content at the top of Google to see how you measure up so your 2023 strategy needs to reverse engineer what got these people to the Top of Google in the first place and it’s not just me that’s getting results with this approach my affiliate lab student Katrina said that by following the process I’m about to show you she doesn’t get affected by core updates and she doubled traffic for two websites in a recent update before you create an article you need to create an article outline that’s Superior to your competition to do that you want to determine the heading structure outline For your article as well as the ideal word count let’s say you’re writing an article on does the metaverse exist yet go to Google type in your keyword then open up the number one article now look at these h 2 and H3 headings on the page since this is the best article on the topic this is the best outline on the topic note these headings down also look at how long this article is because Google thinks it’s ideal Now open up the second place article and the third place Article to get more headings to add to your outline the reason that your outline is the best is because it’s the superset of all three of the top ranking articles now it’s time to start writing but here’s how again you’re going to outclass your competition in your introduction paragraph don’t fluff around if someone’s search for does the metadverse exist yet that means they already know what the metaverse is don’t waste our time explaining the metaverse Is a network of 3D worlds please shut up next you know how Google uses the top articles as a reference you want to write your content to include the keywords that Google expects to see in the best metaverse articles if you just jump in and start writing there’s a good chance you’ll include keywords like VR web 3.0 and freaking Zuckerberg in your article but that would be blind luck enter surfer surfer is a must-have SEO tool that reverse Engineers page one of Google to determine the exact frequencies that Google expects to see these keywords in an article it then guides you as you write so you really can’t mess up now the next tip is a game changer write the answer to a search query in a Google friendly format if the query is does the metaverse exist yet then use an extremely simple sentence to answer it yes comma the metaverse does exist or no comma the metaverse does not exist answering in a format like this Makes it extremely easy for Google’s language algorithm to know you answer the question it also skyrockets your chance to get the featured snippet position at the top of Google as you can clearly see in this example by the way if you’re committed to leveling up in SEO this year make sure to subscribe and turn on the notification Bell I’m doubling down on this channel with tons of videos like these so make sure you get notified the next key pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to become a topical Authority let’s say you want to write an article on how to start a business and let’s say you write the best article the world has ever seen on starting a business not for that let’s say you got freaking Elon Bezos and Bill Gates to co-author this article this article will get exactly zero traffic unless you posted on on a website that already has a lot of business content on it this concept is called topical Authority on The other hand when you start to completely cover every aspect of a topic Google has no choice but to think damn this website is an expert on business let’s award it with a vertical traffic boner like this here’s how you become a topical Authority First you need to figure out all the topics that need to be written this is called generating a topical map I have a full video coming on this soon so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it then you want to Start writing each of these articles one by one good thing because you just learned the formula for writing a perfectly optimized article and lastly you seal the deal by interlinking relevant articles together remember to link more to the articles that are your topic centerpieces like how to start a business in my 2023 prediction video I declare that topical Authority will become standard practice this year don’t get left behind the next foundational Pillar of my 2023 SEO strategy is to have a link building plan that the Google algorithm loves you know what else you hear in generic SEO videos link building is dead you don’t need backlinks to get Google traffic anymore let me show you some something Google best keto pills I don’t know about you but when I think of diet pills doesn’t come to mind nor does Outlook India or Dallas news all these sites have one thing going for Them a ton of backlinks dr83 dr-84 dr-88 backlinks matter in 2023 and that’s not going away and with everyone and their Grandma Racing for topical Authority links will be the deciding factor over who wins if your website is the car then links are the fuel but there’s an even more important reason that you want to build links a strong backlink profile protects you from getting messed with in the Google algorithm updates just look at how many updates this site skirted by The reason is because of eat expertise authoritativeness and Trust three requirements that show up 130 times in Google’s quality Raider guidelines but wait Matt I thought EET was about putting author boxes in your articles uh not really Google has said it themselves eat is quote largely based on links alright so what kind of links am I building in 2023 40 of the links I’m building or guest posts and these are coming from both in-house Outreach and Using vendors like Authority Builders another 30 of My Links will be link insertions getting links and existing articles that have links going to them I also do that in-house or Outsource to Authority Builders fifteen percent of the links will come from Health reporter out Haro which we build in-house 10 comes from digital PR where we’re creating newsworthy stories and outreaching to journalists for this I’m using fairy and the amazing team at three percent is coming from business directory citations which I Outsource to Authority Builders and the remaining two percent is coming from link exchanges just answering the Inbox and working out some exchanges with high quality websites that are already reaching out to me my next 2023 strategy is to give Google exactly what it’s looking for by focusing on the user experience in particular goal completion Google wants Its users to achieve their goals if someone searches for how to shave a cat then God damn it they should be cat shaving experts by the end of the day in June they explicitly showed how important this is to them a friend of mine searched for best Data Center and buffalo on mobile visited the first result then hit back on his browser he found this the survey asking him to rate how easy it was to find what he wanted it’s Crystal Clear stop horsing around And give your users what they’re looking for as fast as possible ancient SEO theory used to believe that Google loved it when users were on your content for a long time nah bro not anymore Google has Tick Tock to deal with in this attention economy there’s no time for reading anymore use a key takeaway section to summarize the bulk of your article in a quick section at the top use large fonts to draw the eye to a quick answer to the search query and if you’re writing Review content put your comparison tables at the top just like CNET does before we get into my next 2023 SEO strategy fair warning whether you like it or not this strategy is going to completely change how SEO is done going forward and even if you don’t want to do it yourself your competition definitely will and that’s AI content look the current quality of AD tools on the market is good I have sites built off AI content that have shot up vertically in Traffic while avoiding every single Google update in the process but the roadmap of what’s on the Horizon for AI content is insane not only is gpt4 coming out with better more undetectable algorithms but the AI software itself is now letting you write full SEO optimized articles from top to bottom in one click I have a video coming out soon on my complete AI content process so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it